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Ourofino is the new AgTech Garage´s innovation partner


Esse é o novo Hub da AgTech Garage, o chamado “Vale do Piracicaba”

This is the new Hub of AgTech Garage, at Piracicaba.

Connection generates innovation. Based on this premise and supported by the pillar of integrated innovation, Ourofino Saúde Animal is the chosen partner for the animal health sector of the new AgTech Garage space. "This site, called Hub, is meant to connect innovative entrepreneurs to work with information exchange, create and bring solutions to agribusiness. This is another benefit that we will bring to the rural producers, because this partnership brings us closer to 350 companies, called startups, who work with technological innovation to solve the difficulties involved in the field, "says Kleber Gomes, vice president of the company.

Ourofino Saúde Animal has its own private meeting room in the AgTech Garage Hub, which is located in the area known as "Piracicaba Valley", a reference to the Silicon Valley, located in the United States, due to the innovative agribusiness characteristics of the companies and universities established there. "Our R&D and Marketing teams will be directly involved in this space so that the whole chain can discuss ways to promote productivity in the field," explains Gomes.

"We were very happy with the partnership. We see Ourofino as a reference in the animal health sector and can generate value for startups, either on the experimental farm or in the mentoring of our innovation entrepreneurs, as well as provide access to the market through other business partners who can contribute, "says José Tomé, founding partner of AgTech Garage.

Equipes Ourofino na sala da empresa no Hub da AgTech Garage

Ourofino Team in the exclusive meeting room at AgTech Garage Hub.

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